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lead generation consultantSuccessful lead generation letters are measured by response rates, and return on investment. Not by how good they look or how well they were written.

Most marketers are focused on getting a good response rate rather than getting a good return on investment. In other words, if you have a pile of leads on your desk from a lead generation letter but the quality of the leads is poor, then your return on investment will be very low.

The key to creating effective lead generation letters begins with researching your market first, targeting your marketing, and then writing your lead generation letter.

I’ll give you a few tips on lead generation letters in a moment, but first read this…

You are probably reading this article because you want pre-written lead generation letters to print and mail (or use in your email blast), right?

The good news is there are dozens of products available, and hundreds of good copywriters who will write your letter.

What products do I recommend?

I recommend 21st Century Lead Generation. I created the product, and I packed tons of information, secrets, and letters that you can use in your marketing. But it’s a lot more than that. And for the price it’s really a no brainer because you’ll go back to it over and over.

Before I tell you what I recommend, I want to be straight with you. I am biased. So you should take everything I say with a grain of salt. Second, you should get my free marketing course first. It’s really good. Read this testimonial for reassurance.

Like I said, I am biased. But I will recommend another lead generation product that is less expensive, and is also very good. It’s called Instant Sales Letters by Yanik Silver. Yanik is an amazing marketer, and frankly,
I am a little envious of him.

You might be wondering why I am recommending his product? After all, I have my own to sell, right? Well, at this point in my life I am doing very well, and have more business than I can handle. So I can.

But I recommend you get both. You can never have enough tools, resources, and insights into creating an effective lead generation marketing system. Because when it comes down to it, you have to test, and you have to do your research.

I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but let me paraphrase something I heard from the father of a spelling bee champion: “What is worthwhile that is easy to achieve?”

5 Tips To Effective Lead Generation Letters…

1. Know what your prospective customers hot buttons are. Otherwise you are writing blind…guessing. This is a big mistake that most people make. Solution: Survey your current customers, or survey your market.

2. Do not write with Hype. Write with conviction. Read Dan Kennedy’s The
Ultimate Sales Letter
and Bob Bly’s A Copywriters Handbook.

3. Testimonials. Get good testimonials along with picture if possible. Best case scenario would be to have one testimonial that covers your best benefits.

4. Provide a reason to contact you. I know, this sounds basic, but most people wimp out when it comes to the call to action. Be very specific about the action you want them to take, and then be specific as to how the go about contacting you. “What I want you to do now is pick up the phone and call555-555-5555 and ask for Cindy. That is my assistant and she will schedule a mutually convenient time to get together and go over my business proposal.”

5. Follow up. After you get some form of contact, follow up with a thank you letter, and be creative so that you stand out. For example, ‘Thank you for contacting us regarding your IT Management Systems. A Representative will contact you shortly.’ BAD thank you. But better than nothing. GOOD Thank

“Thank you so much for sending in a request for an IT Management Audit! When I first received your inquiry I smiled and sat up straight in my seat, beaming with joy. Then, I passed your inquiry on to my It Systems Experts, and the entire room jumped up in the air kicking their feet, and throwing confetti! After the confetti settled, we got right to work and gathered up our IT Audit Systems Checklist, and we are at our desks now, getting ready to go over your concerns, dig out the problems, and iron out solutions. My name is Henry Johnson, and I will call you at 6am tomorrow. Thank you very much for sending in your inquiry!”

OK. I made that up on the fly, but it’s not too bad. I think it gives you an idea of how creative you can be, right? Maybe you can use it…

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