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Business Thank You Letters: To Customer For Purchase/Visiting Store/Website

After a customer makes a purchase or visits your establishment or website, a nice “Thank You” letter or email is in order. Here are some basic guidelines about what to include in your correspondence.


If possible, greet with a name. And since the person has purchased or visited already, go ahead and make him or her feel welcome with a little more familiar approach than “Dear Sir or Madam.” Here are some ways to get names from your customers, if you don't already:

  • Ask for names and other contact information at the point of purchase
  • Host a fish bowl or online drawing and ask for contact information with each entry.
  • Ask customers to sign up to receive your free newsletter.

NOTE: Let your customers know that all information will remain confidential and that you do not sell their names to lists. This will increase your responses.


Briefly thank your guest for opportunity to be of service.


Everyone likes to feel welcome. So invite your guests to stop back often. And include a nice “thank you” gift. If the letter is sent postal, include a personalized logo magnet for their refrigerator, or a pen or notepad with your company contact information for their telephone stand. Explore the many other marketing items that you can include through online and postal catalogues from office supply stores and business marketing publications and be creative.

For email letters and websites, tell the guest to bookmark your site and include the link again for reference. Then add a link for a free downloadable gift; maybe industry software, an ebook, report or free special ezine (online newsletter). Include a cyber-gift certificate while you're at it so that they save on their next purchase.


Let your guests know that you appreciate their feedback and remind them of your guarantee. Include customer service instructions and any guarantee instructions (address, phone numbers, email address, etc.) and tell them to keep this letter handy for reference.


Go ahead and ask for referrals here. Offer an incentive plan, if you like or an affiliate plan to share income with them or credits toward future purchases for referrals. Be specific and include a postage paid return card or offer an online link so that the shoppers can easily do what you ask of them and supply you with information.


Go one step further with those who've purchased and ask for testimonials, while you're at it. Tell them you would like to include their comments on future promotional materials and either send them a self-addressed return envelope or postcard or have them click on online form or send a return email.

Then say, “Thank you” one last time.


Use this space for your announcing next month's special or other important details!


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